Field Services


Field Services is what made PMI what it is today. PMI’s existence is defined by our quality work and value-added solutions, coupled with a high sense of urgency. We provide the following field services:

  • Custom Fabrication
  • Sanitary Systems
  • Millwright/Mechanical/Maintenance
  • Process Equipment Installation
  • Utility Piping Systems


With our appropriate certifications and knowledge, we can install all types of utility piping systems and equipment. This includes boiler equipment, steam, condensate, glycol systems, chilled water, gas, air, process water, ammonia, and more. PMI was in part founded on our ability to self-perform sanitary system/tubing installations, with ANSI D 18.1 certified welding techniques (orbital and manual/hand). No project is too big or small for PMI.

Custom Fabrication

We design, form, weld, fuse, and modify a variety of materials for almost any purpose that our customers may require. Our custom fabrication includes all types of sheet metal and structural members (carbon, stainless, aluminum), as well as plastics of various types. We deliver everything from custom steel structures to specialty sanitary items for the food, beverage, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries. In our fabrication facility, we operate equipment that can fabricate almost any material. We knew from the start of our company that we wanted to be a full-service partner with our clients, to provide them with the best savings and even greater satisfaction—which is why we’ve been investing in high-quality fabrication equipment over the past twenty-five years. Our equipment consists of:
  • water jets
  • breaks
  • Shears
  • Rollers
  • sand/bead blast equipment
  • Mill & lathe
  • ASMe, U & PP stamps
  • National board r stamp

Reverse Engineering

With the infrastructure we have created, we can custom build products in response to our customers’ unique specifications. In many cases, we reverse engineer machine components in our shop and fabricate new ones, saving the customer money and time. Our experienced team can design, develop and fabricate functional and efficient parts across a range of industries—taking into account strict quality standards for industries such as food, beverage, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical. Every step of the fabrication process is overseen by careful and knowledgeable eyes, and each piece of equipment undergoes rigorous quality inspection before leaving our shop. Our fabrication services include:
  • Structural
  • Blasting/Surface Preparation
  • Design/Build
  • Complex Chutes, Transitions, etc.
  • Vessels (with U Stamp Capabilities)
  • Skid Systems
No project is too large or too small, and no application is beyond our capabilities.

Sanitary Systems

Our ability to self-perform sanitary system/tubing installations has always been an integral part of PMI’s business. With ANSI D 18.1 certified welding techniques (Orbital and Manual/Hand), we regularly manufacturer and fabricate a variety of sanitary stainless vessels, skid systems, containers, Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems, and more for the food, beverage, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries. Nearly all of our employees on staff are certified per ANSI standards for hand/orbital welding of tubing. Our experienced team of project managers, welders, supervisors, and pipe fitters work closely with our clients to ensure that exact specifications are met an superior results are delivered.


PMI regularly performs start-up assistance, modifications, preventative maintenance and more for various types of process equipment in manufacturing plants. For years, we have strategically hired employees with varied backgrounds in millwright work and general plant maintenance. We regularly draw upon our millwrights’ thorough knowledge of industrial machinery to install, maintain, and repair mechanical equipment such as mixers, agitators, pumps, valves, conveyors, bearings, and more across a range of facilities.

Diverse Millwrights

Our millwrights, or industrial mechanics, are skilled in many areas, including aligning, testing, and adjusting equipment; interpreting complex diagrams and drawings to determine correct work procedures; replacing or repairing defective parts; and more, including general plant maintenance. At PMI, we care about our employees and the quality of our products. All of our millwrights are highly trained and benefit from the combined decades of experience and knowledge under PMI’s roof.

Process Equipment Installation/Machinery Moving

No project is too big or small for PMI when it comes to process equipment installation. While we deal with small equipment such as pumps and valves every day, we also have the knowledge, experience, and industry relationships to set large equipment.

We have completed projects requiring specialized aerial lifting (i.e., helicopters for rooftop equipment) as well as crane lifts as large as 550 tons. We understand the importance of critical alignment, leveling, operating parameters, and other complex factors that each piece of equipment may require.

Planning For Success

As part of our equipment setting, we provide our clients with comprehensive rigging and lifting plans for any critical lifts and potential plant impacts that may happen. This allows our clients to better plan and also minimize any downtime that may be required. Along with this plan, a complete and thorough safety evaluation is done by a trained safety officer to ensure complete security of the job site.

Utility Piping Systems

Since PMI’s inception, we have had the appropriate certifications and knowledge to install all types of utility piping systems and equipment. This includes boiler equipment, steam, condensate, glycol systems, chilled water, gas, air, process water, ammonia, and more. Our experienced specialists are equipped to install, maintain, and repair piping systems in jobs of all sizes. Because we understand the complexity of these systems, we bring a “design/build” approach to our customers that allows them to assist in changes and/or new installations. This enables us to create a properly functioning system and achieve a satisfactory final product. Our trained professionals utilize the latest in technology, equipment, and management techniques to accommodate any piping systems that our customers may require.


PMI offers a range of effective building solutions. We self-perform, almost exclusively, the services that we deliver to our customers, including the following:
  • Sanitary Systems
  • Millwright/Mechanical/Maintenance
  • Process Equipment Installation
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Utility Piping Systems
  • Design/Drawing Production & Generation
  • ASME R Stamp
  • PP and U Stamps

Construction Management

Our goal is to provide value engineering and practical solutions, combined with the ability to self-perform significant components such as Process/Utility Mechanical, Custom Fabrication, and Structural Steel to the projects to deliver an on-time on budget project. To do this, our clients’ concerns become our concerns.

We pledge to provide our employees and business partners with a safe environment by promoting clear and open communication, along with a team atmosphere where integrity and honesty are the essential cornerstones.

We pledge to grow business, buildings and relationships through integrity, performance and high standards to ensure long-term and repeat clients.

Precision Construction Management (PCM) is a construction management company that provides value-added services, with a sense of urgency at competitive pricing for clients in the industrial, food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. From green space projects to plant expansions or plant updates, our professional staff provides a seamless business approach that exceeds our clients’ expectations.


Precision Metals delivers complete fabrication and erection services to clients. In addition to our full-service structural steel fabrication shop with extensive in-house capabilities, we incorporate design/engineering services, detailed shop drawings, shop fabrication, and field erection of all types. PMI is closely partnered with a galvanizing facility and can typically turn around galvanized structures more quickly than our competition. We are also able to provide PE stamps on our work to accommodate client requests. Our structural division takes cares of “ground-up” structural buildings. This division is capable of handling carbon, stainless and aluminum materials for a wide variety of structural needs, including:
  • Platforms
  • Mezzanines
  • Handrails/Ladders
  • Pipe Supports/Bridges/Racks
  • Custom Stair Towers
  • Complete Building Systems
No project is too large or too small, and no application is beyond our capabilities.


PMI understands that in the environments where we install equipment and specialty fabricated items, there are essential surface characteristics that must be taken into consideration. There may be sanitary concerns, highly corrosive environments that require high-end applied coatings, or even simply aesthetics.

Surface preparation is an essential first step for any corrosion protection system to perform effectively. To make sure the base is satisfactory, we utilize abrasive blast cleaning—a process that both cleans and creates a surface quality that will properly receive a protective coating. We have the ability to blast on a large scale, utilizing glass bead or sand, producing the appropriate surface finish on any metal component.


As a complement to our fabrication and construction services, PMI has an in-house engineering team capable of generating AutoCAD, Inventor, and Plant 3D drawings for our customers. This allows PMI to provide a turnkey service from “conception” to a “final product.” Using this model, our customers can view, approve, and make changes to their ideas throughout the building process.

PMI is at the forefront of the design/build practice, giving our team the opportunity to:

  • Evaluate the design and ensure that it meets the client’s performance needs;
  • Analyze project costs to confirm they are kept within budget; and
  • Provide high-quality construction and efficiencies throughout the entire project.

With in-house design capabilities and well-established relationships with design firms locally and nationally, PMI can effortlessly take a project from early preplanning/ pre-construction and guide it through design, construction, installation and continued maintenance.